Egor Egorov

About Me

CTO & Founder in a group of IT companies. Software developer with over 20 years of experience in unix networking and web-based financial and trading software.

Kiev, Ukraine
Geneva, Switzerland
+380 (93) 303-03-44

My Resume

  • CTO & Founder

    Started a group of companies managing multitude of related IT businesses:

    Complete accounting and financial backoffice software for network marketing companies. Used by multimillion dollar companies based in Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, Russia, CIS, Israel and USA. Passed Deloitte audit.

    Programmatic ad arbitrage solutions for media companies, managing supply and demand for millions of ad impressions on a huge inventory. Unique machine learning along with deep statistical analysis is employed to perform successful arbitrage on a highly competitive market.

    Algorithmic trading of cryptocurrencies on a private hedge fund specializing on blockchain and crypto portfolio.

    Internal cloud orchestration and continuous integration solution for own cloud computing network consisting of thousands of servers across different datacenters in Europe, Asia and the US.

    Also owner of various misc offline businesses, including specialized food shop in Ukraine and a small network of private storage services in Kiev.

  • software media branch — CTO & Founder

    Created a media software branch for, the leading movie production company in Eastern Europe. Oversaw development of movie multimedia presentation software and media platform for upcoming releases and Hollywood blockbusters.

  • Private hedge fund — CTO & Founder

    Managed the IT branch of a private multi-million dollars hedge fund specialized in quant trading on NYSE, NASDAQ and CME. Created leading open source stock data storage platform for node.js along with a range of IT solutions for algorithmic traders, including FIX gateway, trusted trading transparency solution, and a multitide of software and services for algorithmic trading.

  • — CTO & Founder

    There was a moment when, our Italy-based mobile messenger, ranked #2 in AppStore and fared a largest user base among iOS messengers. was shut down after approximately a billion of messages sent, having lost competition to Viber.

  • Telme — CTO

    Telme, a Singapore and Italy based company, used to be one of the largest VoIP providers in the world at the moment and simultaneously a very large network marketing company with over 40,000 of distributors around the world.

    I oversaw development of:
    — a full-scale financial and corporate backoffice for staff and a network of distributors;
    — the first VoIP (SIP) application for the iPhone, even before the AppStore existed;
    — the first ever 3G video call made at an application level on the Symbian smartphone platform;
    — numerous VoIP (SIP) applications including leading SIP gateway switch.

  • — CTO
    2006-2008 is one of the largest web-based email providers in the Eastern Europe and by far the largest in Ukraine. I have assembled a team of senior software developers and created a new version of the freemail. Millions of users and petabytes of storage have been live migrated from legacy code with not a single glitch. This was perhaps the largest IT project in Ukraine at the time.

  • SoftZone ltd — CTO & Founder

    Among delivered IT solutions:
    — the first realtime train monitoring and maintenance managing service for Kiev subway system;
    — full automation of UMAir ukrainian airline company, including maintenance management of fleet;
    — flight scheduling automation;
    — flight monitoring and deep integration with booking systems;
    — first ever media system for Kiev subway system, delivering calculated and targeted ads and info on the screens mounted in subway cars.

  • — CTO & Founder

    My company was the first official "support & consulting partner" for MySQL AB, the leading open source database. We have created the first support deck and online call-center for MySQL consulting, formulated initial principles of support and consulting of MySQL users. These principles and support department continued working well into Sun acquisition and are now part of Oracle.

  • Pechkin Postman — CTO & Founder

    "Pechkin Postman" was the first ever Ukrainian SMS infotainment company. At a certain moment the service had a considerable percentage of all ukrainian mobile users subscribed.

  • PC World Ukraine — Journalist

    The first full-time staff journalist of PC World Ukraine. Created the first big report on usage of information technology in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.