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Egor Egorov

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CTO & Founder in a group of IT companies. Software developer with over 20 years of experience in unix networking and web-based financial and trading software.

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Kiev, Ukraine
Geneva, Switzerland
+380 (93) 303-03-44


Soyuz MS-02 launch to the ISS

I was lucky to join the Russian National Geographic team and get a firsthand experience of the space rocket launch at Baikonur cosmodrome.

Read about my experience
Painless Meetings

In one of the companies where I used to work in, fifteen managers could get together in a meeting room and discuss the color of a button for forty minutes.

Does that sound familiar?
Priceless Bugreports

You go to the kitchen and turn on the light. Has your darling husband been cooking for you? However, something's broken, and the light won't turn on.

How are you going to tell him that?

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